About Civil and Commercial Contracts


  • Slobodan Stanišić Attorney and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Pan-European University APEIRON in Banja Luka


The presentation presented the concept and characteristics of civil and economic contracts, as is the necessity of their distinction from the aspect of the application of maternal and procedural rights. They are analysed and compared to the solutions in terms of regulating contract contracts in the light of two opposing theoretical settings – monist, which believes that it should not be separated by civil and economic contracts and the dualist, which finds that the contracts in the economy are completely separate from the civil society contract, which is why it should be separately regulated in a special trade code, which, apart from the status and static, would contain a dynamic part concerning the contract in the economy. We looked at the criteria for determining the terms of the contract of civil rights and the economy contract, and highlighted the characteristics that make them different.
Special attention is given to the notion of contract on the turnover of goods and services that have been referred to in the general deposits for trade goods, in addition to purchasing and selling of goods, replacement of goods, and business intermediation, advocacy, commissions, transportation, freight forwarding, storage and insurance.“