Crimination and Solution of Criminal Matters in the Criminal Proceedings of Bosnia and Herzegovina - a Division Between Normative and Actual


  • Sadmir Karović Assistant professor for Criminal Law, Faculty of Law of Travnik University, employed in the State Agency for Investigation and Protection
  • Marina M. Simović Secretary of the Ombudsman for Children of the Republic of Srpska and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of „Apeiron“ University in Banja Luka


In this paper, the central part presents the solution of the criminal-procedural task, that is, the clarification and solution of a specific criminal matter in criminal proceedings of Bosnia and Herzegovina by criminal-law entities, with special attention to restrictive legal conditions of a criminal-procedural nature, as well as certain problems and dilemmas of a practical nature. The extremely dynamic development of modern criminal procedural law in the last two decades is also characterized by the adoption of new criminal procedural solutions with a pronounced tendency of humanization, which directly relates to the catalog of the rights of the suspect or accused person. In order to understand the nature of the criminal proceedings, the conceptual determination and differentiation of the criminal matter as the main subject of the criminal proceedings was made to the criminal matter in an unfair and fair sense, with reference to the practical aspect of the efficient conduct of the criminal proceedings and the illumination and settlement of the criminal matter, respecting the standards of proof. Given the nature of the criminal proceedings, in addition to the criminal matter as the main case, other secondary or ancillary issues are included which do not constitute a criminal offense but relate to the criminal matter (property claim, so-called prejudicial or preliminary issues and costs of the proceedings).