Existence of Compliance in the Procedure of Application of the Law on Digital Signature of the Republic of Srpska and Harmonization With Eidas Regulations


  • Siniša Macan Ph.D in Computer and Information Science


Modern information and communication technologies have changed the paradigm of modern business, but also of social organization and life. Business, education, purchases and sales, but also social networks are becoming an integral part of the functioning of modern man. Cyberspace must also be regulated by the introduction of precise rules that govern the rule of law, and prevent abuse.
In recent decades, international recommendations and standards have been intensively adopted to regulate ways of establishing identity and e-commerce through the Internet. They introduce methods that allow for the reliable integration of digital and legal identities. The European Union has adopted legislation on trust services and electronic identification using qualified digital signatures and seals. Electronic Identification and Confidentiality Regulations for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market No. 910/14, popularly called eIDAS, introduces and accurately regulates qualified electronic signatures and stamps, qualified time stamps, qualified electronic delivery and other electronic business elements that allow legal validity of electronic document and e-commerce the same as traditional document and business.
In such circumstances, it is of the utmost importance to perform a quality assessment of the compliance of the technical and organizational conditions performed by the legal entities providing the trust services and electronic identification. The paper analyzes the legislation of the Republic of Srpska regarding the assessment of compliance defined by the Law on Digital Signature of the Republika Srpska, and in particular the harmonization of legislation and practice in the Republika Srpska with respect to eIDAS regulations, in order to make the citizens and the economy of the Republika Srpska an integral part of the European space.